heres idea for game companies about pre-order

i been playing games for a long time now and what i have noticed over the years makes me upset. “pre-order bonuses”
to think companies chop games up to reserve special things about the game you can access only if you pre-order the game.

now if you get it from different places you get different bonuses this is messed up.

why can’t you sell a whole game! i would be happy with a poster as a pre-order bonus or steel book and a whole game. i understand dlc and new maps later after release but to deliberately deny gamers things you spend time and money on to develop is stupid.

343 your not the worst offender but the games i plan to get this year are all doing the same thing.
bungie with destiny
rocksteady with batman arkham series
ubsoft with assassins creed, watchdogs
activison with call of duty.

i just don’t like to be forced to choose one thing over another for in-game content that is there from the start. this needs to stop i am sure others feel the same.

Some companies seem to be getting better. Most games now adays are time sensitive exclusives. For example all pre order bonuses and “exclusive” content destiny has are just timed exclusives.

I doubt the skulls are though.

I’m all for perks like steelbooks and posters, but what insentive is there for digital buyers?

when i pre-order some games i get a access to a beta to play. that would be awesome or im even okay with timed exclusives that would be included with a map pack or something. but make everything readily available and not some micro transaction i hate those to it ruins games

> I’m all for perks like steelbooks and posters, but what insentive is there for digital buyers?

since digital copies are on the rise mail the pro order to the address linked to your account. since those things get mail to game stores anyways. or even avatar items even though i careless about them

I think they should just get rid of them and give us the content we’re entitled to for buying the game. :I

Yes yes yes yes yes.

Stop with all that nonsense! All that disc locked content and stuff.

Want incentives for people to buy the game? Here’s an idea, make it good.

Yes. Yes. Finally other people who know what’s going on!

Physical pre-order bonuses are the only reason I pre-order games. The digital bonuses are worthless. I pre-order games because of the collector’s value. Digital items have absolutely 0 value.


  1. I love when there is some special gadget on the pre-order but it should not hamper other players that buy it after.

  2. I’m fine with different bonus depending on where you buy the game.

  3. I neutral with timed exclusivity if the other plateforms will have exactly the same game some week after.

  4. I don’t like the stuff exclusivity on X console…

  5. i hate exclusivities (like Halo, The Last Of Us…), because i can’t play amazing games on the plateform i want to…

The skull preorders are not very important, i will take 1 and the game will be exactly the same

Having pre-order bonuses like posters & statues…that’s awesome. When Limited Editions come with meta cases, booklets, accessories & other goodies? That’s the way to go.

But this digital nonsense? I agree, it’s slightly despicable. If you’re going to make digital content a pre-order bonus, at least make it available for everyone later down the line. OR make it cosmetic ONLY. It’s just horrid making a game-changer a pre-order bonus, this is mainly a problem when it has to do with Multiplayer. I also dislike the practice on “Exclusive content” on particular platforms (unless it’s timed-but even then it still sucks).