Here's how Infinite could improve instantly

Good day Spartans. Heres 4 ways Infinite HCS/Ranked play can instantly be refreshed and improved.

  1. Make THRUST a default starting ability. Still having the option to swap for other abilities, everybody just starts with thrust with unlimited use.

  2. Replace the Battle Rifle with a refreshed Halo 5 Magnum. This is going be a long one hear me out. I feel like the B.R. is causing some balance issues in a number of ways. The kill time is much faster in infinite than previous titles, people are getting melted almost instantly and trades are very common. Also the B.R. is a MULTISHOT weapon, I think this is part of the desync problem of people getting shot through walls. Also the BR has a longer effective range, leading to more crossmaping shots. The Magnum would allow everyone to BREATHE a bit and play more loose, making the map play larger. Fine-tune the acoustics of the Magnum to sound pleasant like the C.E. magnum, but have it perform as the Halo 5 Magnum. A five shot magnum makes the kill time longer, while adding thrust allows more outplayability. And as a spectator sport I think the magnum + thrust makes HCS more exciting to watch than constant trades with the Battle Rifle.

  3. Bring in a couple Legacy Maps from previous titles. These could be refreshed or remixed in some way. Currently the game needs some maps with “Halo feels” to them. Theres already a thread discussing maps that could be implemented.

  4. Bring in some Legacy weapons. Such as the DMR, Carbine, SMG, Spartan Laser, Grenade Launcher, Shotgun. The Battle Rifle can still be a map pickup on some maps, that makes it shine in it’s intended role more.

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pretty sure most people hated advancement movement so that aint gonna help

yknow the br is like, basically a power weapon, right? thats why you dont spawn with it unless you play ranked. the halo 3 br was way worse than the infinite since that thing dominated the whole sandbox

yeah bet, knowin 343 though were probably not gonna see any of that for a while though

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The main two things that makes Halo tolerable to all its problems it has are the toning down of moving capabilities and a reliable BR. :sweat_smile:


I agree with 3 but not the rest.

Especially point 4. Theres too much underlying issue with sandbox design to start brining in classic weapons just yet.

1: I dont understand what giving everyone a thurster does. You basically just said you want Halo 5 back.

2: Unless you want the game to revolve around ONLY magnums again, ypu know well that picking up other precision weapons in Halo 5 is optional and situational.

3: Thats makes it better but it neglects actually getting new content and repeating maps.


The B.R. would still be a map pickup, that would allow it the shine more as a power weapon.

Yes I think Halo 5’s gameplay formula was the best in the series.

Thruster make gunfights more complex, like an elegant dance. Allows for sick outplays.

And I should specify were talking about HCS ranked settings specifically.

keep my halo 5 out of your halo infinite


Or, you know, they rethink their entire weapon balancing scheme and leave the thruster exactly where it is.

Also no, the BR shouldn’t be replaced with a slightly more disgusting utility weapon. They should reduce its shot-placement compensation and adjust how its bullets work.

  1. Please no. Please please please no.
  2. Maybe. I agree with part of this. But this would be a fundamental change to Infinite. Won’t happen.
  3. Yes.
  4. Sure. Not sure this would “instantly improve” Infinite, but I’d love to have some of those weapons back.
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I would love to start with the thruster pack as equipment, but that will never happen, there are too many player who don’t like it

If you really want to improve Halo Infinite, first fix the connexion problem, add assassination, and bring back the collision with ennemy. This way, Halo Infinite would feel like a finish and operationnal game

1- no

2- definitely no

3- tired of old maps. It needs new fresh maps. More of them.

4- yes. The game needs more weapons.

Oh boy, another person that thinks people not starting off with a bunch of overpowered and unbalanced abilities is bad for Halo.

This might be a hot take nowadays because 343i got everybody used to being insanely overpowered off of spawn, but back in my day you got nothing off of spawn, and you had to EARN every advantage you got. If thrust was default it would just break map flow and hurt gameplay in a significant way.

No it wasn’t. Halo CE/2 were far superior change my mind. Those games had higher skillgaps (arguably) better maps, better balancing and so forth.

yes to more weapons

no to everything else if wanted to play 5 I go play 5 that simple

I disagree.

I think Breakout needs to be brought back with this idea in mind, seeing how the sandbox is rather modular this time around. Different gamemodes that change up the pace and formula add flavor and variety without make it mandatory for everyone.

But on its own for general gameplay the movement system is fine without it.

Eh nah while the Magnum should have a place in this sandbox eventually, the BR should be the workhorse starting weapon by competitive default.

With the introduction of the Sidekick, it really opened up a place for the Magnum to shine. But it shouldn’t replace anything by default, but rather add flavor. Again like the thruster, it would be a cool starting weapon in some modes, but not default.

On that note, I would hope if they wanted to bring the Magnum back it would be a classic Halo 3 beefy style look and sound rather than the greebled space blaster from Halo 5 or the anemic looking (yet oddly powerful) Halo 4 Magnum. It could function like the Halo 5 Magnum, but it has to look, sound and feel like one too.

Absolutely. Honestly some of them would look and play right at home if they were direct ported. Even some of Halo 4’s arenas would work fantastically in Infinite. It’s no secret we need some more variety, this is a no brainer.

Within reason.

While I initially hated the random weapon spawns on the maps, I’ve grown to appreciate their utility with the idea an expanded sandbox could be implemented ideally changing up the way repeat matches are approached.

On the other side of things, the Splazer has always presented a balancing problem which is actually one of the reasons the Skewer was introduced. Going back to the random weapon spawns this could be a nice balancing change essentially making the Splazer a potential approach on some matches while taking out of others completely.

Either way I do like the idea of Grey area sandbox mechanics with dots of defined black and white balance points.

Is this Volt’s forum smurf account?

Maybe give everyone limited use thrust off spawn, but def not unlimited. I’d be interested to see how it played if you started with, maybe, 2 uses. I wouldn’t want to see unused thrusts able to be picked up from fallen players either, only weapon pad to pick up more.

No to the magnum as the meta

Sure, I’ll take more maps

Don’t just go throwing more guns in the mix because of nostalgia. The weapons balance right now is actually pretty good with a few minor exceptions.