Here's an odd spartan question

Do you suppose Spartans shave? Beard, head, legs, or whatever; male and female.

It is said they live in their suits. The hair growing matted down and sweaty would make for a very toxic odor.

Seems it would take a hazmat decon team to get a spartan out of the armor.

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The burdens of Spartainship. lol

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I can’t remember if Palmer is a spartan or not but seeing where she has been helmetless and shows signs of upkeep I would say they occasionally get out of the suit.

Except palmer is a relatively recent spartan IV

Not a II legendary for living in their armor

The Spartans hair does grow, and they typically buzz it about as short as it will go. If it’s too long it can interfere with the neural implant that links their mind to the suit.

I expect clean-shaved faces would be standard, at least at the beginning of any deployment.

Spartans do take their suits off when at bases or on a ship, lol. John took his off to have a shower get some sleep at Alpha Base on Installation 04, and the end of Halo 4 he takes his suit off, so I would imagine that they do shave. It’s just basic hygiene.