Here's a thought regarding co-op

i wonder if they could update the game so xbox live silver works for for the online co-op?

should really be freely usuable by now and maybe throw in an offline support for forge.

i bet these could be done.

i’m not asking for splitscreen.


In that case, 343 needs to make Halo 5 become Free-to-Play Games.

According to the current mechanism of Xbox Live, only online multiplayer of Free-to-Play Games does not need Xbox Live Gold membership.

would boost player numbers, maybe they should also make the mcc f2p on consoles too.

as they seem to be moving away from xbox live gold which is an antiquated system.

they don’t need xbl gold anymore.

Or they could at least allow LAN between two or more consoles. Or they could at least update the Halo 5 Guardians Local Server App to support everything and not just multiplayer mode.

Also update that App to support all the Halo games on Xbox One so we can co-op and multiplay locally. I’d prefer local LAN though.