Here's a question for ya'

Would you rather kill the other player and get killed or run away and both of you live? And why?

Depends on what he has. Would I be willing to trade to stop power weapons being used against my team? Absolutely. Would I let some kid sitting in a corner with a shotgun run away and not worry about him even again, cause he’d still be in a corner? Absolutely.

kill him. kill him even if you have to die for it!

At least! a Post that isn’t a complain!

I’d prefer to run and stay alive. Why? Because I can think on some other strategy to the next time.

both are a useless thing to do, as you cannot win matches unless you have a positive k/d spread, people dont understand that. getting 25 kills doesnt matter if you have 26 deaths.

My option is find a creative way to kill the person and survive.

usually when i get shot i try to find some cover, and then i try to turn around and make an attempt at killing the guy