Hereo leaders we would like to play

So with these recent releases of the new hereos leaders/ playable characters. It got me thinking on the “Flood” why it should be a playable hereo/character.
Being a fan, I wouldn’t mind finally being able to control or rather see how the flood would play against others. Given with what I’ve read, it’s not only me who wishes to play as the Flood. I’m sure that many would agreee with me.

Theres just soo much content not to be used for as the Flood.

I have my ideas, but would like to see if many are thinking the same thing. As in post what kind of units you would like and how they would work… thanks for sharing👍

YES PLEASE!!! I WOULD PLAY THE FLIP OUT OF THIS GAME IF I COULD PLAY AS A FLOOD LEADER!!! All the leaders in the game are either UNSC, which have minor differences but are quite similar, or banished which again have minor differences but are over all rather similar. A flood leader would be so cool, and would thrust such a fun twist into the game. I’ve wanted this since halo wars 1, cause they teased us so hard with the flood in the story and the flood in the mutiplayer maps, and being able to actually summon a small army of flood on certain maps, I’ve been drooling for it ever since.

Flood is actually one of the things in Halo universe that has sooooo much potential with the new technology developers have. I hope they can put something together…

If not even a leader at least an infected leader… Kind of like a UNSC base infected with infected units, new units, hero unit and new strategies… It may sound weird, but at least is something. Dunno. Of course I would rather to have a full gravemind base everything being said.

Flood leader would change the game completely with the add of 3rd faction.
Its definitely wanted by majority of the playerbase.

Its likely possible to design but I feel it’s not going to be added anytime in the future.
Still have hope :heart: