Here we go again

343i are about to sell, I’m guessing, 5 million + Season 2 battle passes.
$15 each.
Which will net them 45 million USD$+ in the next few days.

They have no incentive to change anything, and will continue as they have for the past 6 months knowing that people will pay for anything, regardless of the state of the game.

They’ll probably take a week off to celebrate the launch of season 2 as the current play numbers pick up.

Then sometime over the next 6 months they’ll patch the game (ODST DROP POD UPDATE LOL)
At their own pace.

This is the state of things. Why would they change anything when they can starve the fanbase and make millions selling dress ups?


Good question.

If 5 million people (think that’s a gross overestimate) buy the battle pass then that will re-enforce what they’re currently doing.

Personally I will be buying the pass. The content in it is not necessarily for me, but you get the 1,000 credits back which means I’ll never have to pay for another battle pass.

I haven’t scrutinized the pass either, I’m sure there will be a couple of things in it I like. I like the concept of separated Spartans having to scrap together what they can to survive. The Elite skull shoulders are pretty wild.


Ain’t you a Smooth Moderator.
Gotta support workplace practices.

Season 1 sold more than 20 million battle passes in the first week. 5 million is my estimated number and I think that’s way off how many that will sell, world wide.

Kudo’s to you tho. Excited to put an elite skull on the side of your Spartan and all that.


When do we see the 1000 cR for completing Season 1 to buy Season 2 with?

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I’m not a mod.

They had 20m unique players, not 20m battle pass purchases.


That’s the neat part, you don’t :slight_smile:


There aren’t 5 million people playing this game so where do you get this ridiculous estimated fictional figure from?

No they didn’t. They stated that 20 million downloaded the game…which I also don’t believe.


lmao. they made this insert expletive here too confusing.

What is this. The Nintendo NSider forums from 20 years ago?

The moderation and rules on this forum are a joke. Why do I even come back here let alone still play Infinite?


…Isn’t the BP $10 like it was in Season 1? You can buy $10 worth of credits in the shop as well so I’m not sure where the $15 is coming from.

And considering that this BP lets you earn 1,000 credits, potentially paying this BP off or using it for the next BP is definitely a nice improvement there.

With that and the rewards (yes, that includes the Elite shoulder skulls), I definitely think its worth it to get the BP and will be getting it.

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OP in here just making stuff up and hoping people don’t notice I’m :skull::skull:


Idk what you’re smoking cos S2, or at least what they have promised us regarding cosmetics and customization is improving, and a much needed step up from Season 1. So if anything, they are making changes, and that’s because we have made our issues known, and have strongly pushed for it.

This means there are some people in 343 with their heads on screwed tight, which will help us the playerbase push for changes they believe to be warranted. If another issue arises and players push it to 343, they will more likely than not review it first before telling us if they will or will not make the change.

Unless you’re talking about the whole “F2P + mtx” model, then idk man, you gotta accept this as the future of gaming in general, because it’s what allows you to earn the most money while having the most access to audiences. This is why sometimes I feel Infinite is kinda icky to play, so I play MCC abit to detox.


I dont think they will sell more than 100.000 Battlepass, that would be a good number.

It’s always entertaining to see people make up their own data and try to pass it off as reliable.

Also, if you’re going to make things up, at least make sure your math is correct with your assumptions.

5million x $15 =/ $45m


my brother in christ, 2/3rds of their community stream was them talking about what they’re going to change


Ok, we’ll see.

Aside from the maths being wrong, his statement was actually correct.

5mil * 15$ is actually 45$mil+, i.e. a number greater than 45$mil.


That’s because there are a huge amount of dumb parents in this world these days. What’s worse is that even today’s education that kids are getting from schools has been majorly dumbed down. Then you have streamers that make matters a lot worse with their groupies for game these days playing like there Vanna White advertising BS for gaming companies.

I miss when games were more about creating them for both the player as well as the developer. Today it’s all companies only thinking about themselves, and how can we get these naive people to throw money at the screen so we only have to put in little next to nothing all when it comes to effort creating a game.


5 mil * $10 is $50 mil
5 mil * $15 is $75 mil

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I’m waiting till Thursday but kinda agreed
Most players will just fall in line be happy for a month until they get bored again cause the same old maps are still there
Sure new game modes will be fun for around a month but I’ve been pushing the idea for seasonal maps which means they retire the 6 well now 7 maps and replace all 7 for at least arena, btb has a major lack of maps so removing any would be a bad idea, but arena at least would keep each season fresh but for some reason the idea of taking maps away doesn’t sit well with players even though they would get the exact number of maps to replace all of them

OK, sure…