Here. Useful feedback.

Alright, hereby my personal USEFUL feedback on the H5 beta. I was pissed about lots of things in the H5 beta. But decided to post about it in a useful way. It is based on my PERSONAL experience so far.

I think the overall game speed is too fast compared to previous Halo games. I think that it has a huge influence on the game and makes a lot of people do not like the beta. I also wonder if other people are aware of it.

  • Breakout: Innovative, but 2 major things I didn’t get. Why the low health? And why the lame start-up/map weapons? What will a run-off for a super weapon in the middle of the map do in this game mode? How about individually (rumble pit) game style for breakout? Or more than 2 teams? Breakout has some great potency. Good that the match time and overall waiting times are short, so waiting can’t annoy people much.- Strongholds: nothing special, just like Domination.- Hydra Launcher: I think it’s not so useful in team slayer. I prefer a BR or DMR above this “super” weapon. Think it might work great on vehicles but there are no vehicles in the beta, so…- Sprint: one of the most discussed things. I don’t think it will be removed, but H5 multiplayer will be better and have more ‘Halo-feel’ when it does. When removed, speed up the standard running speed. If sprint stays: slow it down a little and speed up the standard running speed a bi,t so it’s more in balance. I think sprint in campaign is great.- Melee: attacks are not accurate and because of that sometimes hard to time.- Energy Sword: ruins a lot in my opinion. Especially in combination with sprint and in small corridors. A wielder is almost impossible to evade. Before you even notice someone comes running towards you and evading, shooting or beating is useless. I know, that is the advantage of this super weapon. But it is just too powerful against any close combat weapon or melee attacks. Plasma grenades or sniper snapshots are the best solution.- Hitboxes: They are too large. Snipe headshots are too easy and often kills are made when shooting next to an opponent. I’ve even seen kills been made through wall corners.- Armor Abilities: are gone. No problem, I don’t miss them.- Evading: is ok, but remove the backwards evade.- Clamber: really innovative and fun to discover in the beginning. Not really Halo as it speeds up (in combination with sprint) the game enormously. Consider if it must be keep. But I guess it will stay since the maps were made for it.- AR and SMG are too strong and do too much damage. Better if they would do lesser damage. Or shields must be stronger.- Grenades: do too much damage. Bleeping noise is a bit annoying.- Also: when struck by a grenade or a teammate runs against you, you bump aside. This is sometimes very irritating. I can’t remember that happening in previous Halo games.- Shields: are too weak. Or SMG, AR and grenades make it look too weak cause they are strong.- ADS: is really superfluous on the AR. It does not benefit this legendary rifle. Does not take away that it was good and fun to try it in this beta. I think the ADS on the SMG and Pistol are alright.- ADS HUD’s: are nice designed but totally not Halo. Should be a bit more simple with lesser details.- BR and DMR: are awesome and need some time and effort to control, which is great. But I miss the scoped zoom on the BR enormously. It should be brought back.- The Ranking System: one of my favourite Halo parts. This is so important. One of the major reasons people keep playing. To aim for what they want to achieve and then use it as an token for their skill and preformance. Biggest advise of my post: please get rid of the current ranking system. It is not good and doesn’t keep people playing I’m afraid. Lauch H5 with a brand new very well thought ranking system. With lots of ranks and nice (military) symbols, like H3 or Reach had. Ranking should be based on individual skill: precision, k/d ratio, playtime, quits, medals and wins/losses. Also in team games. I know that it is difficult to make it like that cause it’s about how your team performs, but search for a solution. The H5 beta ranking system is not good and won’t motivate me. I think that might be the same for lots of others.- Kill cam: not interesting for everyone. If it stays, make an option to turn it off. One final kill cam in the end would be ok. I’m also wondering if it’s accurate.- The blue team color: is too dark. Lighter blue is better. Like in previous Halo games. Especially on darker maps the red team is in a slight disadvantage when it comes to seeing a blue team opponent.- Please do something about the victory cheers at the end of a game. It’s childish and really annoys after seeing it over and over again. Also not ‘Halo’ or something spartans do.- Ground Pound: may be removed if you ask me. Did not used it and takes to much time.- Pegasus I liked a lot. Great smooth design and nice to try a bigger map in the beta.- At last: the beta has crawling bugs everywhere. But whatever, therefore it’s a beta. I know they will be fixed.Again, it’s all based on my personal experience. Just hope it is useful.

I really like Pegasus as well, I hope they will add more maps like this but not created in forge.

Something I don’t like are the remix variants, they feel like poor attempt to make them different from the original variants and I rather have 343 create unique and different maps instead remix variants.

I’m very impressed by the Beta!!

The only thing I’d like to get in the full game is that you should be able to change the controller settings more.

I love the green thumb (german: Grüner Daumen) controlls its very close to any other shooter controlls like cod, bf, … the thing I would realy like to see is that you can switch RB and LB as an oppurtiunity. The rest of the Beta is very very very nice and it would be extremly nice if we could play it longer or an second wave of Beta should come because I can’t wait so long for the full game.

The new game modes are allsow very nice. Especialy Breakout is Hot. Stronghold is not going to be my favorite game type as I hate the mode in COD but I have to say I like it realy more in Halo 5. Nice job.

Of course little things are not ready in the menu like in spartan-central sometimes models are not loading and I’m pink all the time but I’m sure this will be fixed. Perhaps some more oppurtiunities could be integrated their too like models for legs, arms …

Mistroy makes nice points instead of Sprint, ground pounding and the thing with the grenates
Sprint and ground pounding should stay.
Sprinting just makes the game quick and when you have energy sword on the map you could perhaps just start with plasma grenates
so you can stuck the one with the sword easy even if you die.
But I think it’s good at the moment. When you are good you have enough time to kill the one with the sword even if he’s running. and you can boost to the side punch him and give him a headshot if time before isn’t enough
And ground pounding just makes so much fun it should stay. It takes some time but its like assasinating people for the last kill it makes realy fun.

> 2533274854999879;2:
> I really like Pegasus as well, I hope they will add more maps like this but not created in forge.
> Something I don’t like are the remix variants, they feel like poor attempt to make them different from the original variants and I rather have 343 create unique and different maps instead remix variants.

Agree. Sorry I meant Pegasus.