Here is what I have to say

first of all I don’t care about rank.

yes I know im gonna get flamend but its still my opinon.

as far as this True skill Rank or the SR System goes I play the game for fun. and evan if the online Rank does become visible its just for show to be honest, sense I think its the player’s actual performance that matters.

I do also love the freedom Halo 4 gives with its load out system.
again its my opinon.

now if Halo 5 does change up some things to fit those who want Halo 5 like Halo 3 heres something I think they should atleast do

upgrade the forge, and new weapons, (wich won’t keep it that new)
Playable Elites and they should atleast keep the assassinations, those are always cool. :slight_smile:

gets fire proof suit ready