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Hi All,

Just thought i’d drop by and throw in my 2 pennies…

Having played all but ODST in the Halo series, I consider myself a pretty loyal fan of the games. That said, I can honestly say this release was probably the one I was most excited about. I’d watched trailers, any and all gameplay snippets etc since June in the hope i’d gain a little understanding in terms of what to expect from Halo 4 and 343i. The youtube ‘Forward Unto Dawn’ series was cool, the buildup has been exiting, and now Halo 4 is finally here!

I would spend 20 minutes venting my frustration at the ranking system, but I trust 343 will stick to their word and bring in a competitive ranking system that can go both up and down as with previous releases…


In a nutshell, I’m hugely impressed.
The game looks and feels absolutely incredible. The audio is remarkable. The Campaign is fantastic. The Pro Multiplayer gametype is genuinely fun again. The Spartan Ops mode is entertaining too.


Am I the only one that isn’t feeling the gametypes aside of Pro Slayer? No-one else miss Double Team?

Don’t get me wrong, I do feel everything that really matters has been improved since Halo: Reach, and this game is a massive advancement on its predecessor (especially once the Competitive Ranking System drops). I just think Double Team, 3v3, multi-team etc were loads of fun and brought different dimensions to the multiplayer side of Halo.

What does anyone else think?

Consider you’re self one of the sane members of the fanbase who actually likes and plays Halo 4 online.

I’ll save everyone else the trouble and pretty much say what’s going to be said 100x times over since the OP asked.

“This COD in space. Yawn, back to Halo CE and Halo 2 Vista because Halo 3 and onwards is just a sign developers like Bungie and 343 are more concerned about sales and selling out the fanbase than making good, quality games like CE”

“Wow 343 ruined MY Halo. Matchmaking sucks, none of the maps are remakes except Ragnarok and that’s terrible. Nothing screams Lockout or Wizard to me. A rent at best, i should have canceled my pre order and avoided this casual mess of a game”

“-Yoink- this game and -Yoink- YOU! Halo Reach was such a better game! It’s just no one was good at it and couldn’t adapt to true Halo mechanics! Reach is faster, more consistent and more balanced than Halo 4 could ever hope to be.”

“The kill times are way too slow in this game. Therefore, this game is garbage and not competitive enough.”

“The Campaign was awful; they killed off Cortana and the Chief is a lame character who received no character development. 343 also broke cannon with Requiem and several Covenant designs.”

“Wow, another generic shooter game trying to take sales away from COD instead of being unique. I am so done and no one can argue with me because i sold many 50 accounts in Halo 3”.

“If you like Halo 4, you are not a true fan that’s been with the series since CE! Stupid new fans jumping on the bandwagon now, -Yoink-”.

" I don’t know, everything about Halo 4 is so wrong. The art sucks, the sound design is too metallic, the Grunts look like crap, the Storm Rifle isn’t a real gun, the new Forerunner weapons are unoriginal and uninspired and 343 has broken the cannon several times and The Didact wasn’t mean to be evil! The Precursors are the Ancient Evil! Requiem itself is incredibly ugly that even a five year old can craft better worlds using crayons!"

You haven’t played ODST yet? What the -Yoink- are you waiting for?

I appreciate what you’re saying, but at the end of the day i’m talking about the game as a whole. Nothing will ever bring Halo 2 back, but I think this is a step in the right direction. I just wanna play competitive Double Team again!!

Ha I doubt I’ll go back to ODST just yet, I’ve surely got to get to the point im thinking of throwing my controller out of the window in frustration at Halo 4 first!

What is this, someone on the forums that actually has something good to say about H4?


I may have only paid a few matches of double team, but it was fun. It was crazy, because you never could be really sure where your opponent was, because the maps were just big enough.
Also, multi-team was one of my favorite playlists, because it was just so crazy.
OT: Yes, I will miss double team and multi-team, but Oddball works really well for me. I’m loving Halo 4 so far. So, I agree. (Also, if they could be brought back it would be awesome)

Thank god someone isn’t -Yoinking!- about the fact that like any good artist or artistic group, 343i is taking some cues from its compatriots in the field. Kill Cam is an amazing anti-camp tool, loadouts is an amazing idea when it’s done right, and I feel like it really is here. The funny part of people calling that CoD in space is that CoD is not even the first game that did those things, just the most famous. And, as someone else has said, there’s so much from CoD that’s not here that the comparisons are moot, as those seem to be the average person’s complaint.

Thanks op for creating a constructive and positive thread. I agree with you wholeheartedly and am hoping that there are more useful threads like this to post on.