Helping Halo evolve

I’m really loving Halo 4 but I feel that 343 decided to play it safe. Which is fin, but I’m hoping in Halo 5 they’ll be able to really help the series evolve since it’ll be on new hardware surpasses the limitations of the 360.

  • Class based multiplayer
    Instead of going to COD route, go the route of Team Fortress 2 which is miles better than COD. Have different classes of Spartans, heavy gunner, scout, sniper, engineer, demo etc etc…of course I’m not asking to rip off Team Fortress 2 but I feel it would breathe new life into the series. Of course some people will think that spawning with a sniper rifle would be OP but they could balance it out, give them less ammo, less health, etc.

Don’t allow these classes to be customizable other than cosmetically. No support packages.

Maybe give the Spartans 5 or 6 classes and give the Elites the same. Maybe even let Brutes be playable?

  • Increase player cap
    I am REALLY hoping that with next gen capabilities we can increase the player Cap. People have been longing for this for a while. Increase the cap to 32 players.

And with an increased player cap let us FINALLY use the Pelican and possibly even the Phantom in multiplayer.

-Single player
Some people feel that Halo 4 is a bit linear compared to other Halo games. In the next game Chief should be able to keep all of his armor abilities, Jet Pack, Camo, Shield etc. Let them share the same meter. This way 343 can create some eccentric level designs, maybe where Chief has to sneak past a large group of enemies or use the jet pack to traverse certain areas. A bit of a Metroid Prime twist.

Some people may say “This isn’t Halo” but the idea is to let the series evolve. Let 343 take some risk, from a sales standpoint it will still sell millions and MIcrosoft will make their money, fans will still enjoy it, and people who may have been turned off by the series can slowly come back.