I got a code to download the map pack and I downloaded it but the maps will not show up when I try to find them in firefight (not mm) custom game maps or forge maps, I had the download process and it completed, I have tried to re-install it twice and that did not help. I then looked up a blank canvas of highlands in the filebrowser just to see if it would let me download it and it did. any help will be appreciated

Delete either your Noble map pack or preorder bonus content. Also please search before posting, future incidents will result in 10 lashings with a wet noodle.

This issue is expected to be resolved when the maps officially release.

will I have to re-download them tomorrow then in order to play them?

also just so you know I did already try the deleting the map pack and re-installing it but I saw nothing of the delete bonus content, so sorry about that part