Everyone, I am in need of dire assistance. I have been a dedicated halo fan since halo 3 and have always loved the way halo was made. I am a college student in the UK studying 3D Animation and modelling because I want to be able to work for these guys when I’m older. I have experience in Autodesk Maya and wold love to be able to give feedback about halo 5 not just gameplay but modelling and design as well. I find it extremely annoying that 1. I don’t have much money so I can’t afford an Xbox one so I wasn’t able to play the beta + couldn’t give feedback on the beta but the second point is what really bothers me. The is something going on at the moment called the “Halo: Community feedback Program” I cannot join because I am not 18. I am 17 and will be 18 in late May. I really want to get involved with this because it will give me a chance to get my voice heard in the halo community and it will allow me to help shape the future. 343 if you are reading this, all I want to do I give you the best feedback possible, heck I would even do one survey a week just to do this! Please if you can hear my cries, help me! I love halo so much and I really want to help.