recently i started downloading halo 5 and i decided to let it download over night. i woke up and it was only at 47% so i was wondering if anyone could help me out with some tips to make it go faster. thanks in advance.

First of all don’t let your console go into standby whenever something is downloading as that seems to reduce the maximum download speed so that it may only download about 800MB an hour.

Also in some cases changing your DNS settings can connect you to a faster download server.

you can change DNS in the network settings app.

Try google DNS or open DNS

for google try for primary and for secondary

For openDNS try for primary and for secondary.

After changing and saving you need to reset the console by going to system settings and selecting restart now.

After restarting your console should hopefully connect to a different on possibly faster download server.

Thank you! sadly i had to restart the download but its going faster already!