Help! Would pre-ordering mess up region code?

So, I pre-ordered the Halo 4 limited edition from amazon. However, one thing that’s been bugging me is this. If I pre-order it from amazon, will the region code be NTSC-J or NTSC? I’m pretty sure that companies are allowed to change the region code, and I’ve seen NTSC-J versions of Halo Reach and Halo 3, so I think Halo 4 will have an NTSC-J and NTSC version too, which is region locked.

So, if I pre-order from Amazon, will it be NTSC and I cannot use it, or will it be NTSC-J? Or is the game region free?

Yes! Please. Someone at 343 please answer this!!!

i dont know about this stuff if you dont get an answer here pm one of the guys they usually answer with people in this kind of situation.

any update if the game is region free?

The past Halo games, despite displaying their region (PAL, NTSC, NTSC-J) have been region free. But this doesn’t mean Halo 4 will be.

As far as I know, region compatibility for Halo 4 hasn’t been released, unfortunately.

It depends on where you live.