Help with Xbox One controller audio/headset

I just got the Halo 5 Master Chief controller. It has a 3.5mm port that my Day One Edition Xbox One controller doesn’t have. So is there any recommend way to plug in my Turtle Beach X11 headsets? I had them for the Xbox 360. So far I’ve had them receiving audio out from the hdtv when playing campaigns. If I want to chat in multiplayer I’ve been switching to the single speaker Xbox One chat headset that came with the console.

But now that I have the new controller is there a better solution? Here are my ideas/questions.

  1. Could I continue to use the audio out from the tv and just get a cheap adapter to convert the X11’s 2.5mm talkback cable for the 360 to 3.5mm to connect to the new MC controller? That way the headset continues receiving game audio from the tv and would now get chat from the controller.
  2. Is there a way with my headset to get both chat and audio from the controller by bypassing the tv? Maybe there is an adapter that can combine the the cables of the X11 into one to go into the new controller.
  3. If you have a different idea I’m open minded as long as it doesn’t involve soldering or modifying something. I don’t mess with stuff like that.

For or those not familiar with the X11 it has a green 3.5mm cable for audio, a pink 3.5mm cable for mic to use for a pc, and a 2.5mm cable that runs from the headset to the 360 controller directly for chat. I also have a Turtle Beach DSS surround processor if that would help at all.

Thanks in advance.

I have the same situation. So the headset won’t be compatible with the new port on the newer controller? At the moment my controllers don’t have that new port