Help with weapojn placement for map

I recently went back to Halo Reach uploading all of my old maps to my file share for the porting event coming soon. One map in particular I took a fancy to and realize it has potential for good gameplay on a small scale but not really good at weapon placement or anything. Was wondering if some people in here could download it via my fileshare, take a look, and give me feedback. The map is called “Rooftop - Canvas,” I made it devoid of spawns and equipment to easily adapt it to other gamemodes. I would love feedback on map layout adjustments, weapon and equipment placement, spawns, gametype ideas, or anything ya’ll think should be worked on.

GT: CrudeOwl

I have made some edits to the map! I added new walkways, spawns and weapon placements. The map is saved under “Rooftop - Basic” on my fileshare for anyone who may test it out for feedback.