Help with trailer name

Hey Spartants,

I have been making a -story so far- trailer encompassing halo reach through to halo 3, excluding 343 era as 12 minutes seems to be a sweet spot and i’ll probably do that later with a different approach.

Thought i’d see if anyone would like to help with a title tagline e.g. HALO: _______
for example: Rise of Heros, Fall of the Covenant etc
What do you think would stick it?

I’d probably just simply the title so people know what they’re getting into beforehand

[HALO: The Story So Far] or [HALO: Reach to The Ark)

“Reach to the Ark” sounds like a pop-punk group from the 2000s (★‿★)

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Halo: Retrospective.

Keep your title as direct as possible. You’re not producing anything original that needs a snappy name to catch attention, it’s bloody Halo man.

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