Help with theater

i want to view my films and clips, but ive swapped my old xbox with the new one (kinect ready with memory unit etc.)
i cant do this because halo reach wants a hard drive from me, i have the memory and an iomega hard drive plugged in.

why cant i still view my previous clips ?

oh great and i cant play co-op, i love how halo works !!

anyone ?
why do they want an xbox 360 hard drive so badly whats wrong with the 4gb.

Not sure how to help you but I thought I’d let you know I have the same problem! Got Reach at midnight release last night and couldn’t play with friends on co-op. If you hear any news do share!

Hey kat3rt0t5, i made a post over at the other day.
Loads of people have the same problem and microsoft are now aware of the issue, they are looking into it.

thats all we know, all we can do it hope we dont have to invest into a hdd.