Help with the Campaign mode in Co-Op

I haven’t been able to get anyone to join a game with me on Xbox live to complete the Campaign modes in Co-op. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that would like to play through the missions together?

My gamer tag is LuckiestCarp488 just send me an invite.

What difficulty?

I might be able to help you, I will send you a friend request soon.

I looked at his profile and he has the achievement for heroic, so he wants help with legendary most likely.

I am also looking to due ALL the campaign mission achievements with in one run though. Re doing levels will be fine with me. I want to co op on legendary. I’m pretty decent just want some to play with along the way

count me in!

I’ve finished the campaign and gotten most of the achievements, but I need to go through Legendary Co-Op still.

Any one of you guys, add my gamer-tag: Shaman0610

See ya online!