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Hi, I am tasked with an Assignment at Full Sail where I need to interview a Designer in the industry with 10 questions about the industry and the Exp they have had in it. I would like to do one with Someone from one of my favorite games of all time and I can see no better option that to use the current Developers of Halo. If at all possible could I be reached out to for completing this assignment. I am on a timeline so the sooner the better. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon.

Halo is run by 343 these days bro

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> Halo is run by 343 these days bro

343 worked with Bungie in making Halo. 343 as a studio is the current development team for Halo as well so any insight they have is equally as good as any I could or would get from Bungie. In fact being that 343 is one with Microsoft the interview with them would be better than what Bungie could provide being that they have parted ways with Microsoft and 343 is the new Bungie in terms of Halo.

I think if you want to interview a designer for your school project, try to find a designer who is currently at 343i (maybe game credits?) and then see if they have a public social media presence. You may be able to tweet/DM them individually.

You also might try the official Halo subreddit or the official Halo discord channel.