Help with play

I’m probably asking some of the same ?'s that others have but I’ve never played halo before(bummer) but I’ve got a couple of questions to ask:
1: when you’ve run out of ammo of any kind I have a hard time finding weapon’s is this common for first time players?
2. I’ve played some of the game and have made to the “forerunner” part of the campaign, once I’ve entered after blasting some there is this one that is really hard to kill with some type of flying ship I’m not good with name’s of the characters in the game yet but this one is flying around with what looks like 2 eye’s do I shoot the eye’s or do I aim for the center and how many time’s do I have to fire at it to bring it down so I can kill the alien that it protect’s with a shield. Any type of help is greatly appreciated

wouldn’t worry too much about the questions bit. we all have 'em.
yes you will run out of bullets and weapons v quickly on that particular section. literally use every bullet till empty then search around for weapons.
anything you have killed will drop some form of weaponry.
the 2 eyed flying thing is a watcher. they are annoying to kill. use a precision weapon to kill, magnum, DMR, battlerifle basically anything with a sight. the number of shots to kill will vary dependent on weapon. shoot the center of the watcher not the ‘eyes’ and kill them friast. close up watchers are easier to kill with an automatic weapon, assault rifle, storm rifle or suppressor (which are plentiful on this level).
better still get someone to play co-op with you as you are a first timer. you then get a n idea of what to expect.
my GT is misterwr0ng add as friend and/or pm me on xbox live if you need any more advice

Someone new to Halo eh? Well, I welcome you to one of the epic franchises on the 360. Lore-wise anyhow.

Also feel free to add me too. GT is XeNIGHTWOLFeX. My sister and I know a lot about the Halo universe and I know a lot about matchmaking myself.

Those flying machines you are fighting in Campaign are called Watchers, just shoot them center mass, nothing fancy, they go down after a few bullets. Also Halo 4 makes it especially hard to find ammo on dead bodies so scavenge what you can, if you have this problem in Multiplayer use the Ammo perk.

Thanks ya’ll I’ll send out the add’s tomorrow!

It sounds like at the moment you are campaign oriented. Yeah ammo conservation on occasion can be an issue especially when you get a poor savepoint. Regardless of your weapon preference, you may want to op for unfamiliar weapons simply for the ammo.

In dealing with the forerunners, take out watchers and the attack dogs first, preferably the watchers as they establish shield for the other combatants. For the knights, what works for me, is an automatic weapon and a precision one, drop their shields with a few bursts from the auto then swicth to precision, a grenade toss doesnt hurt either.

Since you are new to Halo, be aware that sometimes the developed have left ammo around corners etc, commonly close to pre-established dead bodies.