Help with Legendary, and LASO + achievement hunt


I achievement hunt for Halo games. I’ve been working on MCC but doing it lone wolf will take me a lot of time. I figure at this point to request for assistance. I want to get together a committed group of players like myself and hunt for achivements, while at the same time conquering Legendary campaigns on co-op. I need help with LASO achievements, Halo 2, Halo 3, and ODST on legendary. I have already completed Halo 4. We can also do other misc. achievements along the way to achieve that Legendary 6000 gs…

If willing, reply on this thread. We will conquer Halo together, once and for all!


Genetic Fatman

Hey I’m game to hunt out all these achievements with you! We’re on the same boat. Trying this alone is just too tedious of a task.

Im in, add me on xbox; vrilen

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> Im in, add me on xbox; vrilen

We’re done for tonight but you can join us tomorrow at 3:00 pm. Can you play then?