Help with Halo 5

Im new to Halo5 and need basic help to play. is there a map that can be accessed

Can you be more descriptive with your issue?

Sure. Never played this game before, can i get a map to show me where I am, are there any onscreen help, I have got stuck in a structure and cannot find out how to get out.

Probably your best bet is to make a custom game to just explore different maps and experiment with pressing buttons. There really isn’t a tutorial

Thanks for that, how do i make a custom game

On the main menu, go to '‘Multiplayer’ and then select ‘Custom Game’. In the Custom Game menu, go to the ‘Map’ button and click that and then click ‘343 Industries’ which should give you a list of old and current maps. Select which map you want and then it will go back to the custom menu showing you all the custom options. If you don’t care about customizing, just click down to the ‘Start’ button and hit that to start the game. If you want to change things like the game type or other general traits like game time or weapons for example, you’ll want to select the ‘Game Mode’ or the ‘Game Mode Options’ button. From there, you’ll see a variety of things that you can customize. Once you’re done customizing if you decided to do that, hit the back button on your controller to go back to the main custom menu and then go down and hit ‘Start’ to start the game.

Thank you so much i will give it a go