Help with Halo 3 achievements

I may seem cheap for this, but I do need the help to get the achievements for the Elite armor I’m missing. I need to get a triple kill with a Sword and a Overkill all in Lone Wolves. Now before I get bashed and get told get it yourself, I can’t! Everytime I go in Lone Wolves, I only get three other people for the round, that makes getting an Overkill nearly impossible. And everyone is far away from each other every time I go in a level with a Sword and that makes getting a triple kill with it nearly impossible. So I am asking for 4 people to…let me slay them… and get the achievements…And if you need help with any other achievement like Two for One, I will gladly help. So I guess I will see how this works.

I’ll help you but i need those achievments too plus Mongoose Mowdown

> I’ll help you but i need those achievments too plus Mongoose Mowdown

Okay, I understand Mongoose Mowdown, I was lucky to get it myself.

Ill help, and since Im already on your friends list, just send me an invite whenever. :slight_smile: I should get my Xbox back soon.

Hey, if you still need another person you can kill me :slight_smile:
I also need those two, plus Mongoose Mowdown. I haven’t played much Halo 3 matchmaking but those do seem to be some of the harder ones to get! And it’s funny, I figured for Two for One you would have to have 2 players lined up just right, like when you get a double (or triple) kill with a sniper bullet, but my friend got it by using the Spartan Laser to blow up a warthog carrying 2 guys. Pretty cool.

When would you want to try to do it?

I will message all of you to try and do it to night, and I believe I can find another volunteer.