Help With Forge and Custom Games!!

So i remade Halo (-.-) the custom game map but this time the human is the sniper because FLOOD cant hold weapons (problem no.1) so i tested it and the weapons of the sniper dont appear i investigated and normal weapons on the ground dont appear (problem no.2) so i did it with inicial ordenance wich i hate and when i test it the spartan couldnt pick up any of the guns of the inicial ordenance(problem no. 3)… they just appear and they cant be picked up!

will ANY of this problems will be fixed in the TU any suggestions am i doing something wrong?? plz help :frowning:

anyone :frowning: ???

Flood doesn’t work for gametypes like that now, use King Of The Hill instead.

Put a gigantic hill on the map, make people respawn in a bunker outside the hill and put a point limit to 5. Also, put at least 10 spawns of a team color for the humans and another team colored spawn for the infected.

It should pretty much work like that. I miss Infection.