Help with Endure

I’ve been trying to get this non-stop for the past week but havnt had much luck since my friends tend to die a lot. If anyone can help please message me on xbox
GT: fatchadly

You can find some help here

I’m in the same boat here. Need endure and annual. I’ll add you, maybe we can find some other people to help out.

I’ve done Endure three times. It’s cake, you just need coordination and good connection.

Add me, we can see how it will play out. My connection is hardly ever good for synchronous netcode on Reach, I bet it’ll be a train wreck on ODST. Don’t know until we try.

Some People said they would add me… there is a slight problem… my friends are full i might be able to free it a little but not comeplatly


P.S. It is better you have <mark>good conection</mark>