Help with achievements!

I need some help. The service record has the option to track all the gamerscore unlocked in most of the Halo games, some exception is Halo 2 Vista.

But it doesen’t say anything about which games actually are included in that gamerscore tracking…

What about Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike for iOS are those unobtainable achievements for iOS actually tracked in the Service Record?

If you are a player that played Halo in iOS and that way you know if the achievements unlocked there count here in HaloWaypoint Service Record Gamerscore, please share it below, thanks.

Also if you can share a thread with a list of the games that are included in the tracking in the Gamerscore option in Service Record, I would appreciate it very much.


I think the only other game which is not tracked is Halo Wars: DE, though we have never received a clear answer to why that is still the case.