Help with a Firefight Group/Clan/Network?

I’m getting really tired of playing with AFK players in Reach Firefight. Getting the Perfectionist medal, and playing Firefight in general, is a lot more fun when users can team up with three allies and blast through waves together.

I’d like to create a group/clan/network for Firefight in Halo: Reach. The main focus would be to gather players who like the cooperative play of Firefight and work together to develop strategies for all types of play and courses. I was wondering if I could get some feedback or suggestions for this idea.

Current Ideas:

-Gaming activities:
–Regular blocks of time (either weekly, biweekly, or… several times a week?) in which the group meets to play Firefight Arcade to work on the infamous Perfectionist Commendation. The group can divide into weapon teams (Rockets, Snipers, FRGs, etc) or Locations teams (Holdout, Beachhead, Outpost, etc.) and quickly run through several waves over the course of a few hours.
–Regular blocks of times (same as above, potentially varying frequency) for the group to play Firefight Limited. The group can divide into regular firefight, generator defense, or Legendary teams. Members could establish themselves as a Air Assault Specialist or an Expert Medic or anything of the like.
–Miscellaneous Firefight fun- Vehicle Firefight, Pistols only firefight, Everyone has Active Camo Equipped, etc. These will more likely be determined by the group as we develop.

-Non gaming activities:
–Strategy creation: I’d like to have the group create strategies for the various modes of firefight. In addition, it would be great the illustrate these strategies with something like the heatmaps so that players can refer to these in the future.
–Creation of Custom Firefight game types- Should speak for itself.
–Creation of Forger World Firefight Levels- Not sure if possible, but it would be interesting to look into.
–High Scores: While this is a cooperative group, I’m not opposed to keeping track of Score Attack, FF Limited, and FF Arcade on a community site. This would probably be implemented much later as the group develops.

–No need to change armor, service tag, gamer tag, any aesthetic. The grunts will not care whether we all look the same.
–Absolutely no AFKing. If there is evidence that a member intentionally went AFC during a group function, there will be repercussions. I haven’t decided whether to make the offense a suspension or a one-strike-you’re-out type deal.

Current Questions:

Should this be a group, clan, or network? I’m leaning less towards team since I want this to be more than four people.
Should there be requirements for joining? If so, what would they be? Would there be tryouts?
Should there be an attendance requirement? If so, what would it be?
Things I haven’t considered?

I appreciate any feedback on this idea. Thank you all for your help in advance.