Help Troubleshoot Halo: Nightfall

Pretty much the title. I’ve tried looking online to earlier instances and couldn’t really find an issue that matched mine. I purchased a new physical copy of MCC. With it came a code to obtain Halo: Nightfall. I entered the code and it downloaded The Halo Channel along with Halo: Nightfall. However, when I boot up the Halo Channel, and try to select Nightfall to watch, it prompts me to buy Nightfall. When I select “Buy Halo: Nightfall” it transports me to Halo: Nightfall on the Marketplace. When directed there, it already says installed.

This process is duplicated through trying to access Nightfall through Halo MCC or Halo Channel. Any help would be greatly appreciated, or perhaps point to a post with a similar problem. Thanks in advance!

Delete Nightfall off your hard drive and redownload it from your download history.

I had this problem not long ago, try doing a hard reset that worked for me.