Help: Tips for Endure achievement please...

I thought Alpha Site was meant to be the easiest to get this one on so that’s the map I used tonight but we didn’t get past the 3rd set.

Has anyone got any tips/strategies/other map suggestions that could help?

I’ll check in on this thread tomorrow as I’m going to bed now, but thanks in advance for any help.

Try this. Just scroll down until you find the Endure achievement.

Some nice tips on there, thanks.

Notice that you can also complete Endure with two or three players, that is actually easier. There just has to be one or two guests outside of the map, there is a very good small gap to hide them. I did it like this because we didn’t have a fourth guy at the time to fill the place, it came to be very effective to have the guest as it never died unlike a fourth player would have had.

Anyway, with three players, two still take the Warthog and the third takes Spartan Laser and Chopper, this is much more optimal than a player with Spartan Laser who doesn’t have a vehicle as they will get killed easier. With two players you could have the Warthog gunner take the Spartan Laser.

General tip is that everyone should use vehicles, as if you don’t have one, you will probably get killed when the Drones come.

Ok, saving this thread for the link. Thanks, good tips.


We did the indoor alpha site with a full group of four.

After reading every guide (of the time) we went with a setup where we had two choke points (the stair cases).

One sniper for each of those stair cases backed up by a gun runner/armor popper in the middle.

We moved crates after every round for cover.

The gun runner/armor popper would also use heavy weapons in the middle to keep the snipers safe.

You can also drop extra weapons into the elevator without having to worry about them despawning.

It took us a solid 7+ hours of attempts to get our method down… but we haven’t failed since and we’ve done it a few times now.

Good luck!

Thanks for the tips. Especially dropping weapons in the lifts to stop them disappearing - that’ll come in very handy.