Help The Fourth Order

We are The Fourth Order, a group that’s all about helping each other out and having a good time. I am the vice president, Nightblade091, of the Soldiers of Light division that is active in Halo 4. Our clan’s president is VenomousMerrick. And our spokesperson is GAMEFREAK468 (yes, with caps.) We are in desperate need of new recruits for our division and are hoping that if anyone is interested. See, its basically us 3 that are the only active ones lately. So please feel free to message either one of us if you want to join. Preferred Time Zone: Pacific

No one? Tough crowd…

[/li]- Try to show up whenever you can.

  • Have to be 15+
  • MUST MUST MUST have a mic. (Communication is key.)
  • Positive K/D (Or at least get some kills.)

IKR? :confused:

Hey nightblade congrats,u recruited someone(he messaged me though) his gt is My Knives Story(hes on my friends list).

hallelujah!!! :slight_smile:

He might’ve gone to you since you’re the clan leader. (For now maybe >:P)

do custom alot?

We do a lot of both matchmaking and custom.

ok send me a request or i will send you one tonight