Help test our new Lobby Browser

Forge.World is testing a new Player Lobby system using the Halo API. This lobby system allows you to set up a lobby, and allows other players to view what you are playing. You can name your lobby to specify the type of player you are looking for. For example, you can name your lobby Warzone Lobby, Customs Lobby, or leave the default lobby name (your gamertag). This system will also help you find people to test your maps when forge is released.

You can also use the Lobby system to view lobbies created by other players. You will be able to see their recent games, and send a message to the leader for an invite. The lobbies are currently in order by the last game played, but you will be able to sort them in the future in order to find the type of lobby you are looking for faster.

The lobby system is currently in beta, and additional features will be added. Possible future updates include adding a Twitch stream to the lobby, and tracking how many times your forge map has been played in the lobbies. Forge.World is looking for additional players to test the lobby system before moving it from beta. We hope that helping us test this will benefit you as much as it does Forge.World. If you are interesting in helping, please visit us at Forge.World by entering Forge.World as the website address.

Add me, Gamertag: A7eh

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> Add me, Gamertag: A7eh

I can’t add people to the lobby system. You need to go to Forge.World to view the lobbies.