Help! Support team! XP/Map Pass rip off

Okay so I just played the challenge for campaign (Midnight worth 30,000) and as soon as me, Daconkmeister, and l0yz, my friend beat it, the game said the server was out. What the heck! Freaking wasted hours trying to beat it. We want our xp!!!

Also! I bought the game when it first came out and I got my war games pass, and now it says I don’t have it anymore and I can’t play the maps and I’m not spending 2,000 points to get it, can somebody give me my map pass back please!!!

I would just relax. now first I would check and make sure you connection is set to Xbox Live and not my Xbox 360 if you dont know how to(press start then scroll down to connection or something like that and make sure it says Xbox Live)

and if not that then I would just go to the market place a re-download the map pass. since you already had it before then it should let you re-download it.

Please be aware that Challenge Xp is not shown in game Xp.

my last tip is that if all else fails try and do it again but with a different group. you may have had some connection issues

Don’t worry Xbox is having some sort server issue I just played a couple matches as sr 1 on the default server.

Not sure you are going to get the challenge points back but the war games pass should come back when server issue is fixed

The one problem with the Map Pass is that the minute i got it i downloaded it and I played a couple matches on the crimson pack at the time, i believe capture the flag, and then my xbox froze, then when i turned the xbox back on I tried to download it again it tried to make me buy it instead.