help! spawning easter egg

i want to make an easter egg for my map where an op vehicle spawns I don’t know the script for spawning a vehicle and was wondering if someone could help

Incoming Wall of text. Please pay very close attention!!!

  1. Start by turning master scripting off. Go into the Forge session, and immediately go to the map options menu and turn scripting from ON to OFF.
  2. Place vehicle and set to normal physics. TURN THE RESPAWN ON THE OBJECT TO OFF. It absolutely cannot have a respawn time.
  3. Add Script 1. Timer check initial 0.00, repeat 0.00. Action 1 is despawn.
  4. Add Script 2. Power check Alpha ON. Action 1 is Spawn (force spawn on/yes).
  5. Add Script 3. Match Start. Action 1 is despawn. (This is a backup script to force despawn at match start in case of issues/glitches with timers).

** This next step can be done several ways but here are examples of how to spawn the vehicle back in.
6. Place a script brain down and set it to phased (they’re on fixed for some reason and it will interact with objects so just set it to phased). Add Script 1. Round time 30.00. Action 1 is Power Set Alpha (On). This script will spawn the vehicle with 30 seconds remaining in the round (as long as you have a set round time that is; if your round time is unlimited the script will activate 30 seconds into the round instead of 30 seconds remaining. Take note of this)

  1. Place a button/interactive terminal on the map. Add script 1. Timer check initial 0.00, repeat 0.00. Action 1 is Spawn (force spawn on/yes).
    Add Script 2. On Interacted with. Action 1 is Power Set Alpha (ON). Add Action 2. Action 2 is Despawn. These scripts and actions force the button to respawn at the start of a round, and when it’-Yoink!- it sends power alpha on and despawns itself so it cannot be spammed.

  2. When you are finished turn scripting on and save the map with scripting ON. You will see the vehicle explode and despawn; this is okay. If you’ve chosen the button method you can test everything right there in Forge; just hit the button and watch the vehicle respawn. If you’ve chosen the timer method you’ll only be able to test this in Custom Games since it’s dependent on round times.

**In order to make changes to this you must do a few things in THIS EXACT ORDER (if applicable), or you may risk messing something up.

Exit the map WITHOUT SAVING, if you’ve made changes you don’t want to keep.
Load BUT DO NOT START the game, Alpine or whatever map you can get to change the name of the file Forge is going to load. THEN reload your map and start the session.
When you enter the map, TURN MASTER SCRIPTING OFF immediately.

MOST IMPORTANTLY you’ll need to “Reset Map State”. You can find this at the very bottom of the map file options where you turn master scripting on/off. At the master scripting option just scroll up and it will force you to the bottom of the menu. Continue scrolling up a bit and you’ll see “Reset Map State”. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER “Reset Map Properties”. Just pretend map properties isn’t even there since you’ll never need it.