HELP! spartan ops 6-10 won't work for me!

I tried downloading it, everything was fine except when I went to play. It said “Players failed to load content.” I’ve tried re-downloading multiple times and nothing works. Also I live in Canada, so it isn’t my region or anything. I do have xbox live gold as well. I don’t know if anybody can help, or if anybody else is having the same problem. But please, if anybody does know please help!

Anybody? Please…

> Anybody? Please…

Wait more then four minutes for a response. Forums don’t instantly respond.

Second, I don’t know what to say about it. I don’t have the problem, but it sucks that someone does. Hope someone can give you a tip.

I was actually trying to bump it up. I need help and I don’t want it to go too far down.

Bumping isn’t allowed. If nobody responds there’s a good reason for it.

As for your issue, chances are your Xbox 360 is the issue. Can you play it offline after you downloaded it? Yes? No? If No, trying deleting it, clearing your entire cache, and then redownloading it.

You can’t play spartan ops offline or without a gold membership. I’ve tried re-downloading it. Clearing the system cache. I don’t know whats wrong.