Hi I have the achievements of assault spartan but when entering the codes tells me I do not have anyone know what the problem is? … thanks this is on xbox 360 and I tried to put the codes in the console and computer…
hola tengo los logros de spartan assault pero al introducir los codigos me dice que no lo tengo alguien sabe cual es el problema??gracias…esto es en xbox 360 y he intentado poner los codigos en la consola y en el ordenador

You must enter the “Flying Colors” code. I am doing this from my xbox Internet Ex so I cant link you to the post containg the thread. The three codes for “Recruit” “Prodigy” and “Powered by MJLONIR” are for Windows 8 devices. The Flying Colors code is for Xbox one and 360 owners. Waypoint may accept the Flying Colors code but not unlock. Just enter the code again

Hi, Nero tenerife. The only code for Spartan Assault on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 is Flying Colors. Recruit, Prodigy, and Able Spartan apply to the Windows 8 and Windows Phone versions of the game. You can find more info here: