Help Re-redeeming ODST

I received my message on xbox live with the code to my ODST download. I did start the download. However, it only reached 5% before microsoft started having service and connection problems. My download would not continue. I tried canceling it and re-redeeming but it says my code is already used. I cannot find the download anywhere to reinstall it. Please help if you can.

If you go into “My Games and Apps”, open the menu over MCC and then press manage game, ODST should show up as an add-on. You should be able to install/reinstall from there. If it doesn’t show up check the store, ODST is listed under add-ons and can be installed from there. If for any reason it won’t let you, you may have to chat with Xbox Support and see if they can help you out. Be sure to note down any error messages you get