help PLEASE!!!!

for some reason i cant connect to a party when someone invites me and my NAT rating says its closed plus my Upstream Bandwidth says: warning suboptimal networking conditions will affect Matchmaking and game play. what does this mean? i really need help with this because its driving me nuts!!! so can anyone help me?

Try reading through this thread and giving that a shot.

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Your problem is that you have Closed NAT. People with Closed NAT cannot connect to people with Moderate NAT or to other people with Closed NAT. You need to open your NAT.

The instructions in the thread that snickerdoodle linked to work for most people. If they don’t work for you, then there may be some other problem with your connection, or you may need to purchase a better router.

One caveat that a few people, myself included, tend to run into: when trying to open your NAT, you cannot have both DMZ enabled and your ports forwarded. Apparently, those two things don’t work side-by-side.