Help people get DLC, For Free!?!?

Anybody else sick of people not having any DLC for Reach?
The Defiant and Anniversary map pack are free, and The Noble map pack is supposed to be eventually, so does anyone want to spread the word?
Well… I have part of a plan, and we don’t need 343’s help to do it.
but we need there great juggling skills to help?
i say NO!!! and it’s spelled their!
if we just go in matchmaking and wait until it says player found for enough people and back a few times you can get a fresh recent player list, do that in every playlist with a good population (which we can’t see anymore, thanks 343) playlists like; team slayer, living dead, big team battle, and multi team, then send them all a message.
The message should say something like this.
M2RP, Two Halo Reach Map Packs are now free! and the third should be soon, go down load them!
and let others know about it, if every one in a lobby has them they will show up in normal play lists.
If ten people did this a few times each we could reach hundreds of clueless people in a short amount of time, and doing it a couple times a week for a month could get the word out to well over a thousand people, and even more if we get people to be involved in this plan, but don’t do much in a short amount of time so don’t spam the same person too many times.
Anybody have any thoughts about my plan?
or comments? maybe something like; your dumb, your fat, it’s spelled you’re not your!!!.
u r da dumbest thing ever & u cant write good.
Let me know.

Like help people know that the DLC is free? If that’s the case, I would hope that they come out with a trailer showing not just Reach but the Halo 360 titles that the DLC is free.

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> Like help people know that the DLC is free? If that’s the case, I would hope that they come out with a trailer showing not just Reach but the Halo 360 titles that the DLC is free.

the only reason i know it was free was because the population was higher than normal, so i look for news stories on google and found one story about free DLC, i admit i i have not been fallowing 343 (because i think they are incompetent) in a long time,
some people learned about the DLC, but not enough to ever find them in matchmaking, since they have been free i have seen it only once with an exception for the anniversary playlist, i’ve been hoping that Noble map would be free by now and that 343 would make a proper announcement and make some playlists DLC mandatory, but nothing has happened, so to play something i bought six years ago i have one option, that only has half the maps, and the maps it does have are always the anniversary variants, which we can not use to earn many DLC achievements because of the way they were made, there is one for killing an enemy player on a anniversary map who is using a jet pack, but we don’t get armor abilities in the only playlist with anniversary maps, and two anniversary maps were to big for that play playlist, plus Noble and Defiant have no playlist option at all, so i think that’s seven maps unused.

Below are the unused maps.
Noble maps;
Anchor 9.

Defiant maps;

Anniversary maps;

As for Halo 3, it’s not backwards compatible with Xbox one yet, i can’t even get matchmaking to run at all, but hopefully soon, and many already have a lot of it’s DLC because most of it has been free since 2009-2010, and it is mandatory for a lot of playlists.

All right everyone I looked it up so there are 3 map packs for reach Noble Defiant and Anniversary. Of the three the Defiant and Anniversary are free the Noble is still $9.99 for some reason. Here are the links to the pages in the shop.

The issue with Noble is being worked on by the folks at Xbox, hopefully not too much longer before they can fix it