Help! People are Betraying Me!

Today I played with [REDACTED], one of those wannabe MLG players with an MLG gamer pic to match. I pick up the sniper in Asylum and he immediately betrays me for it. The game doesn’t allow me to boot him so I do what anyone else would do and start shooting at him without killing him. He once again kills me when I grab the sniper. The game doesnt let me boot him so I file a complaint after he sends me some hate mail. Filing complaints won’t solve this problem because this happens very frequently. One file complaint won’t stop [REDACTED]. How can this problem be fixed?

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Unfortunately, the banhammer doesn’t seem to detect habitual betrayers very well. Filing a Player Review on him won’t actually allow you to avoid him in Matchmaking, since Rep is broken, and complaints are only acted on when a lot of them have been submitted by many different people. (Complaints seem to be intended more for modders than for people who misbehave in less… extreme… ways.)

If the user continues to harass you via Xbox LIVE messages, I’d recommend blocking communications with him. You’ll get the option to do so whenever you view any of his messages.

Wish I had something more helpful to tell ya. :\

EDIT: Oh, you may find this helpful: The betrayal system tries to track how disruptive you are based on the damage you inflict – even if that damage is non-lethal – and it tracks that across games. This determines how often you’ll get the option to boot someone. So by shooting at this guy, you actually lowered your chances of being able to boot betrayers in the future.

It’s kind of a bad system, I know… But you can try to work within its confines: be patient when people try to betray you, and don’t fight back. Eventually, you’ll get the chance to Falcon Kick them right out of the match.

Your best bet is to play with friends. There are too many bk’s out there that like to betray people. Get a team of three or four and you all have your roles and you wont have this problem.