Help on assassinations

I would like to get the assassin helmet on halo 4. I am 1 rank thing away away from getting it but it takes a long time to get 50 assassinations. Are there any tips on what game type, what map and a good load out. Thanks for the help.

Jedi Aaron

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I would suggest king of the hill on the upcoming FFA playlist coming on monday. Haven.

Slayer Pro, lots and lots of Slayer Pro.

As soon as a match starts, try to get behind your enemies’ spawn point and sneak up on them. If you do it well, it’s easy to average 6-7 assassinations per game. I hear Regicide is also a good gametype to play, but I haven’t tried using it for assassinations, so I wouldn’t know.

Active camo on dominion, and Regicide.

Mobility goes a long way, too, as does the Stealth armor mod (wetwork).

Use AA Efficiency to help keep the AA meter up.

As for knowing when to strike, in my experiance, people dont seem to pay much attention when their radar displays those blue dots, and if its an objective gametype, they’re sometimes too distracted to keep track of their radar. Also, camo helps obscure their radar, even when your just sprinting at them, as it makes it hard to tell if the person is below or above you.

Any playlist without a radar on makes assassinations a breeze.

Team oddball works fine too.

Crouch and head on in to the mobs.

Thanks for all the help I have an idea on how to get more any one wanna play with me

> Any playlist without a radar on makes assassinations a breeze.