Help needed!

Living Legend
He’s Unstoppable!
No-Fly Zone
How Pedestrian
That Just Happened
Speed Reader
Look Out for the Little Guys
Leave It Where It Lay
Tying Up Loose Ends
This Side Up
Never Tell Me the Odds

I need help with all of these. Can someone help me? I can help you if you’d like for whatever achievement, even though I have already unlocked it. To play, send a friend request to " OompaMyLoompaa ". It’d be great if you would have and use a mic, so that we can assist each other better or if you’d just like to talk. But it’s up to you, you don’t have to talk. However, I think it’d be best if we would. :slight_smile:

Send a friend request, and let’s play today or tomorrow, or the days after that.

youtube has a lot of good guides

If you PM me, I’ll help you. My gt is Jester O7 (The o is the letter o, not a zero.)

> youtube has a lot of good guides

I know it does, lol. Thanks. But it’s still easier to go with a buddy.