Help needed with "Lava" effect and lighting

I have a map now published, and I am happy with it … right up to a certain point.

The main feature of the map is a large “Lava Pit” in the center of the map.

I used the Youtube tutorial by Paimon involving the cube of emissive blocks with the reflection volume and light within.

Everything was going fine until I went over budget on my FX.
Suddenly I noticed in playtests with bots that the lava was no longer glowing… like…at all.
So I did a bunch of editing to bring down the FX budget to 98% [no longer in the red] and things seemed more or less fixed.
Now the lava glows…but only glows correctly in certain game modes.
Anything Fiesta or Tactical Slayer and the lava glows properly.
But if I dial up Arena Slayer, the lava, while still technically glowing, unlike before when it stopped entirely, now glows- but an odd yellow color instead of the vibrant orangey red I have it programmed to.

If anyone has forged extensively using this effect, and has or has not run into problems and fixes in this area, I would really appreciate your advice.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, the map is published and you can find it if you search for “Fissure”.

Again, any advice would be really welcome, as I would LOVE to add a heap more FX to this map, as it is just begging for it…but not if it’s gonna break the MAIN FEATURE of the lore of the map.