Help Needed with achievements

I recently play halo reach for the first time in months. I’m still missing a few defiant and anniversary achievements. If anyone is interested in grouping up to get the Reach DLC achievements message me.


i need help on the last two achievements one on Defiant and the other Noble one maps.

the achievements are Candy from a Baby, and You Blew It Up!

Are you guys still interested in getting some achievements? I need the stick the flag carrier anniversary achievement, but capture the flag never seems to show up :frowning:

Anyway, I’d be willing to help if ya’ll still need it.

When are we started this achievement hunt for halo reach

You don’t actually need the Defiant DLC for the “Candy from a Baby” Achievement. I don’t own any Halo: Reach DLC but I still got it.

Same with these Defiant Achievements:
-Return to Sender
-Crackin’ Skulls

And same with these Noble Achievements:
-Poppin’ & Lockin’
-Offensive Driver
-Totally Worth It
-Both Barrels

I got all of these without any DLC, and there might be more that don’t need DLC that I haven’t unlocked yet. So what I’m trying to say is maybe try to do some of the achievements in basic matchmaking before you try to work with a small playlist.

I have all DLC. If you can assemble enough players with DLC I’ll be happy to help, since I’m missing a couple as well. GT = Ghostrider1172.

I need a few defiant and Anniversary and one noble…

We’ll be getting a lobby together today at 1 pm central for dlc achievements, add me if you’d like to join.

If people are still doing this, I need You Blew It Up and three of the Anniversary achievements. I don’t want to get them unfairly, I just want other players with DLC so I can try to get them legitimately. Anyone who wants to do this, feel free to add me, if I’m playing Halo 3 message me that you want to play Reach DLC and I’ll switch to Reach.


I doing a halo ODST Firefight achievements on Dec 30 started at 7:00 p.m. center Time. I only need four player.

I doing a New Year Halo ODST Firefight achievements hunt at 6:00 P.M. (CT) massage me on Xbox live wanted to join.