Help, My Xbox Has been Destroyed !!!

Yesterday I noticed that my xbox 360 was lagging and slower then usual and it froze a few times so I just closed it and played again today but it was the same so I thought the problem might be the connection to the Internet so i disconnected it but it was still freezing, I restarted it but the startup logo stayed on the screen for about 5 mins before it loaded the dashboard and then I noticed all the accounts were gone and I couldn’t sign in so I went to memory in settings but when I clicked on hard drive it asked if I want to format it ? what should I do ? is all the memory on my hard drive gone forever ? Plz help :frowning:

The last thing I downloaded was halo spartan assault, could that have anything to do with it ?

The people here may be able to help you more then any of us

That’s an issue for Xbox, not Waypoint.