HELP: My Infinite FLIGHT KEY is already in use?!

I just tried to activate my key and steam notified me with the message that it is already in use.

How do I reach support? Cant find a direct message option. Anybody else got this problem?

wait what? you already got the key and how to download instructions from halo via email? i didn’t get any instructions I just got the email where it says you are selected

The codes have not been sent out yet. You are probably using a key from an older flight.

No steam codes have been released for this weekend’s flight. The code you are trying to use is for an older, closed flight - likely MCC Season 8.

The flight is on hold at the moment as 343 are dealing with a late-game technical issue. No codes or emails providing access to builds are likely to be sent until decisions have been made and updates posted. An update is likely to come out in the AM, 343 time [PST] with further details.

Follow this topic for announcements as they arrive