Help me?

Ok so let me start by saying if you are reading this then your probably in the sane boat as I am, but to get back on topic. Basically I used to be a massive halo fan (id like to think I still am) Ive spent hours upon hours getting my br just right or attempting and completing endure, unlocking my recon, preordering legendary, redeeming my pre order bonuses, sleepless nights, halo 3 custom games, making machinimas forging, dissecting the campaigns, looking for skulls, splatering noobs with the mongoose,(you get the picture) But after bungie deserted us I drifted away, my eternal blue flames extinguished, ny halo 3 bungie armor striped from me… but about a week or so i picked up reach again smacked on my bungie name plate and was ready to rock, and believe me I had a blast. But reality hit me like a brick when I cane to terms with its dying population (103 in invasion??) and when I stuck in halo 3 it was desolate, My recon shining in sandstorms harsh sun not even a body to be seen :frowning: its completely empty. I mean i havent even seen what halo 4 even looks like, the multiplayer dosent interest me and for the story? I finished the fight years ago, id rather leave chiefs fate a mystery its ultimately nore satisfying, Returning to was to much tho. the forums we all knew and love are nowhere to be found. I feel like oisin returning to Ireland from Tir na Nog. My teenage years feel gone. I feel so old. so basically im asking you for your own opinion on how halo has come to this and to just fill me in basically.

Halo 4 population is dead to. It sadness me, it really is a good game.

I completely agree.
Halo 3 is actually really full… it has slightly more, if not the same, as Reach’s slayer population on the H3 Team Slayer playlist.
Still, Halo is dead for all I care. Halo 4 was and is a mess… 343 screwed it up really badly.

Halo Reach should have been the last ever Halo game made, and 3 should have been the last we ever saw of the Chief. Like you said, I prefer the mystery. I hate the way 343 brought him back (I won’t give any spoilers) but it felt really unnatural, more like he’d only been away on holiday a few weeks rather than drifting out into unknown space for years
343 messed everything up :frowning: