Hello my name is Eli or otherwise known as KilljoyBoy144. I have played and beat Halo 3 ODST and gotten more then half of the achievements. So last week I think where are my ODST avatar awards and ODST avatar armor? I have waypoint, had gold at the time (getting two more months tonight) and have done the achievements. Why the heck am I not getting what I deserve?

If you would like to tell me through Xbox Live or just wanna be my friend heres my gamertag.



Those were apparently removed when the changeover was done between bungie and 343i. I have not heard anything about them coming back online either.

WHAT THE FRICK!!! Why would they do that!? Did 343i take them down? Its so not fair cause 5 months ago I finally muster enough money so that I can get an Xbox 360 and 4 halo games. I do the achievements and now it turns out theres no awards!!! FRICK!!! Any other way to get them?! PLEASE?!

I AM SO DESPERATE I MIGHT MOD FOR IT!!! Dude check my achievements on Xbox Live. I have good samaritan, tourist, campaign complete, dark times and heal up.

You need to go on Halo Waypoint on your console and go to where it shows your Halo: Reach spartan model and then either go on Achievements, Milestones or Awards.

I haven’t learned how to unlock Avatar Awards I’m Waypoint since the revamp but that sounds like it would unlock them.

You can definately still get the awards. I just got the game recently and unlocked them.

Every time I open my “Achievements, milestone or awards” it says “error” or “could not open article” is this a big problem or a internet problem?

Well if your right then your awesome, but if your wrong then you must have gotten the awards before the update.

All I know is that Bungie is not dealing with the franchise anymore so If you dont have it by now…sorry

Late post I know but I have been having the same problems while recently playing through ODST
for the avatar awards.
However, I have a solution for you! Just uninstall the Halo Waypoint app from your Xbox 360 and
then download it again from the Xbox Live games section.
Then start up Waypoint and wait for the main screen to display everything in the boxes. What’s
new, the store, everything.
Once it displays all of the thumbnail images scroll over to the Waypoint career/milestones box and press A to enter. Any awards you are entitled to through the various achievements should then
unlock automatically. Press the guide button to view what you have unlocked.
Hope I helped :slight_smile:

I was given a Mt. Dew code from a friend of mine to try the “double xp” for halo4.
After trying to recieve it and load it from and my facebook account it would not let me apply it. I tried several times. After doing so I was playing halo4 and after a couple games I recieved a pop up message telling me I was being temporaraly xp banned for going past the 200 xp thing. I never even recieved the double xp codes. I have never cheated your system requirments Nor will I ever cheat. I would like to see this issue resolved!!! I even spoke live with xboxlive chat and they know the issue that took place even before I told them what happened. If this does not get resolved within 24hrs, then I will NEVER purchase product from you again. I would understand the punishment if I had been cheating or causing problem, but I did not do that nor will I ever commit to cheating in any area or game. Please resolve this issue!!!

Will that work for all Halo achievements? I recently got back online after being laid up post surgery and waypoint shows my rank on Reach being Sgt. when I left my rank was General and all my other games don’t exist. I’m about to give up and go join the dark side of PS4, that’s just too much work lost for me to forgive.

I have a similar issue, but I don’t have waypoint on my Xbox and I still got rewards from Reach and 4 but I can’t get any from Odst. Even though I completed the acheivments, so could someone help me out with this.

I just found this forum looking for answers after I did not get my armor after completing good Samaritan, my inner ODST just died inside. :frowning: