Help me understand War Games scoring system

From what I’ve seen so far, this is how I currently understand the War Games scoring system.
Do I understand this correctly, or is there something I’m misunderstanding?

  1. Individual Points (i.e. EXP)
    —These are points you earn for almost anything you do during a game, such as: Assist, Double Kill, Sniper Kill, etc.
    —Generally, more “stylish” things are worth more points.
    —They contribute to your career EXP (and also towards earning Ordinance Drops in Infinity Slayer), allowing you to rank up faster.

  2. Game Points
    —These points determines winning/losing a game.
    —Each kill is always worth 10 points in slayer.

Note: Individual Points earned during a game do NOT directly affect the Game Points your team earns during a game.

If all the above is true, then I’m still curious why each kill is worth 10 in slayer, instead of 1. Why the odd change? Just throwing an idea out there, but perhaps there will be other game variants that DO have Individual Points directly affecting your team’s Game Points. Not sure, any ideas?

Maybe it has to do that each kill being worth 10 individual points. I’m guessing it was just one less step in the programming from changing the 10 points visually on screen to the 1 point on the score board. I may be completely off, but just a guess.

In Slayer matches, there are 2 scores:

  1. Personal Score- This is the amount of points you gained from the match. This goes towards the progression rank. This is awarded by killing, and doing stuff, such as killing sprees, double kills, headshots, anything that gives medals.

  2. Team Score- This is what determines which team is the winner. This only goes up by kills. Each kill gives 10 points to this score, regardless of how they died. The only exception to this rule is in Regicide, where if you kill the player in the lead, you gain extra points based on his bounty.

That’s it.